About Us


Our mission is to teach the Word of God by rightly dividing the word of truth and to bring committed laborers into the kingdom to work effectively, expressing God's will, work, and purpose.


Word of Deliverance Ministries for the World, Inc. is a headquarters of ministries dedicated to "Taking the Word to the World" with simplicity, clarity, and understanding. Through these ministries God's people will be equipped to fulfill His divine purpose. We shall "Take the Word to the World" by means of evangelism, television, radio, books, and digital and social media, tearing down racial and denominational barriers and building Godly character into men, women, boys, and girls. We shall aggressively pursue the acquisition of the necessary equipment and facilities to accomplish these stated goals.


Word of Deliverance Ministries for the World, Inc. is a united body of Christ emphasizing Holy Living, Sanctification, Excellence, and Obedience to God's Word by embracing all people in LOVE regardless of race, color, creed, culture, denomination, or any physical or mental impairment.

Our History

Elder Bishop Lewis T. Hilton, Sr. founded Apostolic Church of Deliverance, located on the corner of York and Baymiller Streets in the West End section of Downtown Cincinnati in 1970. Later, the church moved to the Lower Price Hill area of Cincinnati.

The time spent in this section of town tested the congregation’s resolve and trust in the Lord. They were met with severe racial hatred including heinous acts such as car tires slashed, windows broken, and repeated acts of vandalism of the church building. Eventually, the Cincinnati Police Department assigned officers to park in front of the church during services.

In 1982, the church moved to 346 Hearne Avenue in Avondale. Lewis T. Hilton, Jr. a.k.a. Bobby Hilton, was called into ministry in 1983. In February of 1990, Elder Bobby Hilton received the mantle of Pastor from his father. On Resurrection Sunday, April 7th, 1996, the church moved to its newly constructed sanctuary located at 11331 Southland Road in Forest Park, Ohio (a suburb of Cincinnati). In order to prepare for the first morning service, many members worked throughout the night putting on the finishing touches. Local media were present to capture this momentous occasion and to interview Pastor Hilton. It was also at this time that Apostolic Church of Deliverance was renamed, Word of Deliverance Ministries for the World, Inc. The ministry had come a long way and continued to experience exponential growth.

In 1997, Pastor Hilton was ordained to the Bishopric under the auspices of Born Again Church of Jesus Christ, where he served as secretary of the Board of Presbytery.

Word of Deliverance had two Sunday morning services as well as an evening service to accommodate the increase. “Taking the Word to the World” with Bishop Bobby Hilton is now broadcast on local cable stations, local network affiliates, and national cable television networks. New ministries were constantly being developed to meet the needs of the whole man, woman, boy and girl.

One could say that the Bishop has come a long way since 1990, when he became the pastor of a small congregation in Cincinnati. Within a few short years, the congregation had grew from less than 200 to over 2200 members. To accommodate this rapidly growing membership, Bishop Hilton moved forward with the ministry’s capital stewardship campaign, “Pursuing the Vision….Let Us Rise Up and Build.” A new facility was constructed: a 41,000 square feet family life center, completed in April 2006. This facility is designed to meet the congregation’s spiritual needs and to provide human service programs and economic solutions that promote the restoration and healing of individuals, families, and communities.

From the onset of his ministry, Bishop Hilton has been on a mission to tear down all walls of division racial and denominational among others in the Body of Christ. Appreciating where God has brought him, Bishop Hilton believes he is on track to fulfill God’s purpose for his life. He reflects, “Too many Christians want to stick to a predetermined format and stay within the four walls of the church. However, now is the time to go beyond your comfort zone and reach out to those who are lost and in bondage.” The Bishop shows no hesitation in moving beyond his spiritual comfort zone. Riding on the wings of his soul-stirring teaching and electrifying preaching, Bishop Bobby Hilton is Taking the Word of God to the World.