Administrative Staff

Bishop Bobby Hilton, Ph.D.
Senior Pastor / CEO
(Please refer to Ext. 1015)

Dr. Valda Hilton
Co-Pastor / Director of Ministry Operations
(Please refer to Ext. 1015)

Dr. Wanda Wallace
Associate Pastor
Ext. 1017

Pastor Larry Southall
Associate Pastor
Ext. 1019

Dr. Horace Withers
Associate Pastors
Ext. 1018

Sister Wanda Johnson
Executive Administrator to Bishop Bobby & Dr. Valda Hilton
Ext. 1015

Administration Office
The Office of Administration
Ext. 1014

Sister Linda Mason
Ministerial Administrative Assistant
Ext. 1010

Brother Tyrone Black
Financial Accountant
Ext. 1013

Minister Pamela Brown
Financial Office
Ext. 1012

Deacon / Sgt. Maj. Alfred Lamb
Facilities Manager / Campus Operations
Ext. 1021

Deacon Terrance Thornhill
Network Systems Administrator
Ext. 1030

Sister Deanna Woods
Event Coordinator
Ext. 1022

Brother Austin Phelps
Media Ministry POC
Ext. 1011

Brother Brian Mack, Sr.
Audio Engineer
Ext. 1050

Brother Kendall Chapple
Production Manager
Ext. 1050

Brother Mark Jones
Worship Arts Director
Ext. 1073

Brother Tracey Barnes
Music Director
(Please refer to Ext. 1073)

Sister Melinda Edwards
Word Bookstore Manager
Ext. 1053

Sister Carol Smith
S.O.A.R. Development Corporation
Ext. 1027